2014 Nfl Fantasy Football Sleeper.

2014 Nfl Fantasy Football Sleeper.

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One of the keys to winning the Fantasy Football League is to be able to draft a sleeper. “Sleepers” are Nfl players, and the statistics at the end of the round that you were drafted in your fantasy football draft are guaranteed to be much lower. In terms of shopping, it’s like buying a bottle of Sam Adams Utopia Budweiser for the price. In the fantasy football world, it is the way to win the league championship. Every year, we see that the champion is right behind the sleeper. He has been registered monsters from nowhere for many years, and is a double-digit or exempt line choice. When you can catch a player at the end of your draft, become your number one producer. In a certain position, you, my friend, have a real sleeper. The following are some dream football sleepers for the 2014 season.

2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper.

Qb: Jay Cutler (Chicago)-Yes, Cutler seems to thank his injury history from cupcakes, but it can be ignored under the right circumstances. It was obvious in the past year that the hype about the offensive ability of the head coach Mark Triestman makes sense. Before Cutler was injured in the middle of the season, he put forward a huge number, and Josh McCaw didn’t miss a beat (4450 yards and 32 Tds for the combination). With more time at the center and absorbing the script, you can expect better numbers from this offense this season. You can easily get Cutler up and down in the 10th round, because most teams in your league will pick up the top 7QBs ahead of time and choose to roll the dice with the likes of Nick Foles and RG3 before looking at it. Veteran.

Also consider: Josh McCaw (Tampa), Ryan Fitzpatrick (Hu)

Rb: Terrence West (Cleapeland)-Johnny football, any position other than Qb won’t get any attention in Clearland, even if it adds a lot of new faces to the skill position . In Rb, they caught Ben Tate as their starter, but they all went up in the draft to catch West. Tate has a history of injuries, so it is impossible for him to become a full-time main force, especially when he is attacking Kyle Shanahan, there will be a Qb from Acl injury recovery or rookie learning how to play the position. Due to these factors, the West will see a lot of carry, and when Rb1 is carried, Tate will inevitably drop. According to the news from the training camp, West showed a very good hand, and has been a lot better at Tate, so that he will get more representatives. You can catch Tate in the fourth round and then pounce on his handcuffs in the eighth round.

Also consider: Dexter McClust (Tern), Jeremy Hill (Cin)

Wr: Brandin Cooks (New Orleans)-Choosing the Saint’s receiver is an imprecise science, because Drew Bliss likes to propagate waves, but there is a lot to share. Obviously, Marquis Colston has dropped significantly, and Lance Moore is home to the Steelers. Coach Sean Payton is fond of Quker’s versatility, working on offense on the perimeter, in slots, echo kicks, and even in the backcourt. He is not big, with 189 pounds at 5’10”, but he is so fast. The rookie Wrs is so little consistent, which often disappoints, but the advantage is too great, and he can’t skid through the 9th round.

Also consider: Emanuel Sanders (Den), Justin Hunter (Tern)

TE: Radarius Green (Santiago)-The tight end is a position, it is very deep, it turns out, the year and the year. Green saw that his playing time increased significantly last season, because Philip Rivers broadcast quite a lot, and Green took a look away from the aging Antonio Gates. Gates is in the middle, but Green is a beast at 6’6″, 240 pounds, but he has a speed of 4.5. By recording 22.1 yards per catch, he proves that he is a great play threat in the middle of the court . It is a double-digit round lock, it is possible to get your similar statistics, drafted by Tes many rounds earlier.

Consider both: Eric Ebron (Dert), Zach Eltz (Phil)

D: New England Patriots-The Patriots rarely get any props and Tom’s terrible wave on the other side, but this unit is the key to the success of this season, New England. Last season he lost a key player due to injury, such as DT Tommy Kelly, and added a key player in the draft, such as DT Dominic Esley, and filled the remaining loopholes through free agents. The most striking are Darrell Revis and Brandon Bronner. Adding these players to Vince Wilfork, Rob Ninkovich, Tangta and Devin McCourty is a unit that can almost cover the offense.

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