How to wager on NFL games

Where Can You Legally Bet on the NFL?

PASPA blocked practically all states from authorizing sports betting for years. In 2018, the Supreme Court threw down PASPA, legalizing sports betting in the U.S.

Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, D.C. and West Virginia have authorized online sports betting.

Other states allow in-person sports betting. Massachusetts and Maryland recently authorized sports betting and will provide internet betting soon. Most states have proposed measures to start the process, so it may only be a couple of years before all states authorize NFL betting.

Best NFL mobile betting sites

Sportsbook selection is crucial. Each has distinct odds and promotions. Each site has its peculiarities and offerings, so it doesn’t harm to shop around. Having multiple sportsbook accounts allows you to compare odds. Another location may have better juice or parlay payouts but better live-betting software. With legalization spreading across the country, bettors will have more options.

NFL betting

NFL betting is plentiful. You can wager on the money line, point spread, total, or props. Find the most incredible odds at several sportsbooks, add it to your bet slip, and lock it in. Picks help you uncover undervalued NFL teams. We analyze the stats to create the most excellent free NFL picks at Pickswise. We’ll provide free NFL side, and total picks all season long. Don’t miss our free prop bets, same-game parlays, and normal parlays.

NFL bets

The NFL is the most popular sport and has many markets. During the NFL season, betting volume can soar, and oddsmakers will modify lines based on public money. You can wager on individual games or futures markets like Super Bowl or division winner. This section examines some of these markets. Money line and point spread are various handicaps with different techniques and angles.

Money Line betting

NFL money lines are simple. You’re betting on which team will win, not the margin. Money line betting has an underdog and a favourite. Next to their odds, the favourite will have a ‘-‘ minus sign and the underdog a ‘+’ plus sign. Titans vs Colts might be an underdog. Titans +175, Colts -200. You’ll never see “Titans +200” and “Colts -200.” The ‘vig’ is how oddsmakers generate money. The higher a team’s Moneyline favourite, the bigger its spread favourite. If you bet on an NFL team and they tie, you get your money back (a ‘push’). Not in all sports. In soccer, you can gamble on a ‘draw,’ but not in NFL. Money line and spread betting have different tactics. On a money line, you might favour a conservative, defensive club that grinds out games but doesn’t win by significant scores.

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